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Donald Trump Live Video Watch Paths to Victory: Here’s how Clinton, Trump plan to hit 270


Donald Trump: The polls are tightening. The electoral map is shifting. And while Donald Trump still faces a narrow path to the White House, analysts say the first-time, convention-defying Republican presidential candidate has a real shot four days from now.

The Republican nominee, tellingly, has gone from complaining about a “rigged” system to vowing victory once again.

The impact from the FBI’s decision to revisit the Hillary Clinton email probe may be modest, but the polls were tightening even before that twist. Both candidates are taking nothing for granted and have kept a packed schedule crisscrossing the battlegrounds in their final push. Trump spent his week in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, and North Carolina; while Clinton campaigned in many of the same states – their respective surrogates fanning out to cover more ground.

The magic number on Election Night is 270 electoral votes. Here’s how each candidate could get there: